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[at-l] RE: Cast system

   Think this got lost in the alien list serve invasion. So, I'll send it 

On Wednesday, August 19, 1998 8:55 PM, owner-at-l@saffron.hack.net  On 
Behalf Of Norm wrote:
> > ...an observation: Even though we deny it officially and cite the
> policy you
> > mention as proof, I sense a subtle caste system here wherein we
> recognize
> > those who thru-hike in one single season effort above those who
> section hike
> > and we give the section hikers more esteem than we do day hikers.
> In all
> > cases, even though we preach our 'hike your own hike' mantra, we
> denigrate
> > those who blue blaze, yellow blaze or otherwise elect to hike the
> trail in a
> > non-pure fashion.  End of Observation.
> Hell, this is a good observation. There's a ladder of accomplishment
> as to how you do it, no questions about it. Someone who hikes only on
> the ocasional weekend in loafers is seen as an obstruction of
> legitimate hiking by many people. Still, we hear of people hiking many
> miles in the White Mts in Tevas and the suggestion is shrugged off. I
> think there's not only a heirarchy in how you hike the trail but what
> you wear, what you say, what you eat, where you sleep, etc. When you
> see somebody hiking in sneakers, they're shrugged off as "not real
> hikers" because of it. This is unfortunate. I once hiked from
> Palmerton, PA to the DWG in high top sneakers. It was rocky as hell
> and it rained the whole time, but damn it, I did it (I also bought a
> pair of boots shortly after). Point is, there should be no distiction.
> If you walk on your hands or you do cartwheels, you are what you are,
> not what others want you to be.
> Norm
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To add to the observation...Let's face it, if it were not for the millions 
day hiking in loafers, would the tens of thousands of section hikers and 
the thousands of thru hikers have the political cloat on our own to keep 
the trial open?  I'm a trail maintainer for all three groups, cause that's 
the only way we'll ever keep it.

J. Mark
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