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[at-l] Re: Thru-hike recognition

> Question:  Where in this hierarchy [assuming the above observation is true for
> purposes of discussion only] would we put a hike which begins in the ...
> Reason for asking:  That is what I am contemplating doing in two years.

As someone who decided years before reaching Springer that he was going to
hike the Trail over two summers, I have quite a bit of disdain for such
hierarchies.  I met some jerks on the Trail who seemed insistent on
promulgating them, and it reminded me a lot more of a high-school attitude
than a hiking attitude.

That said, let me be almost as harsh towards your question: that doesn't seem
like a reason for your question at all.  Is your reason to hike the Trail
really to be as high on the hierarchy as possible?

Well, this sounds much more bitter and provocative than I intend, but it gets
my point across concisely.  Whatever you do, have a great hike!

Dan "Focus" Grossman
Ga->Pa 96
Pa->Me 97

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