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[at-l] ATML 8/22/98 A.T. Bibliography

Greetings from Ol' Earthworm!
 	There's a new entry in the Bibliography today. It's "The
Appalachian Trail: A Journey of Discovery" by Jan Curran, and it's
at the bottom of the list under Books & Chapters.  Guaranteed to
clean the bad taste out of your mouth after reading "A Walk in
the Woods!"  

	For all the details, the URL is: http://www.trailplace.com
then click on "ENTER HERE/Go to Contents Page," on "AT Bibliography"
(you may have to scroll down to see this), and finally on "Books &

	There is an entry in the "Planning Guides" section for his
other book "The Appalachian Trail: How to Prepare for & Hike It."
This book's note has had a cross-reference to the "...Journey of
Discovery" book for a long time.  But I just noticed yesterday
that the second book had never been entered.  Are y'all LOOKING
at this stuff?  Nobody ever reported this glich to me!  Come on
folks, gimme feedback!!  ;-)  Anyway, read this book--it's a
good 'un.  --  Ol' Earthworm

Linda L. Patton, Reference Librarian, Strozier Library, Florida State Univ.
      Tallahassee, FL 32306-2047 (850)644-5019 lpatton@mailer.fsu.edu
          "A world without wilderness is a cage." -- David Brower
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