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[at-l] Fwd: Two Questions

For "Paul Miller" <jeanpaul@iname.com>

i am planing a hike and i have picked two dates to try for and a
to go (a good place to start) but i have some questions

i am going to hike in 2000 or 2001. i wanted to what people thought
the year 2000(maybe even 2001).. i was afraid alot of people might try
that year and it might be overcrowded.   jsut looking for some
opinions.  i
want a good mix of people and no-people :^)

and i was goign to hike it south bound..  there seems to be less people
do that... that appeals to me in a way .. but i still want to meet
and get that feel from the trail ... i do not want to be alone for 6-7
months.. but i want to be able to be alone.. i still want to make some
friends on the way but i dont want to be bound to follwing people all
time . and i was wondering what other people thought about this.

please give me your thoughts.. i am willing to read anything even if i
like it i will still read it and think about it... any other great ideas
always welcome . i am still looking for a good sleeping bag and tent to
and all that jazz   so any help woudl be great... i love getting email
send away. jsut spam everything you think of into the letter.



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