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[at-l] Well, its time

Pittsburgh will be here in about an hour. I thought about going to get 
some new glasses in that time, but no. I've had all kinds of things I 
wanted to say. There isn't time, or probably reason, to do so now. I'll 
just say, in one last cross-post, smile once in a while. My reason for 
going hiking isn't as romantic as a lot of folks'. I'm not going to find 
myself, or someone else. I'm not going, and will not do anything, because 
of what someone else will think. I'm "hiking my own hike" to beat a 
boring frase into deeper death. I'm gonna laugh. I'm gonna make others 
laugh. I'm gonna meet people. I'm going hiking BECAUSE I LIKE TO HIKE. 

If anyone wants to do me a favor, it will be greatly appreciated. I could 
not be going without my uncle. If you wnat to send him a thank you note, 
I'd be most appreciative. Steve Miller  R3 B511  Spencer, IN 47460

Stoat will be joining me on Labor Day. He has too many things going on. 
It is unfortunate. Not the end of the world.

Well, thats it for now. I'll be posting something somewhere from time to 
thyme. As I'm sure Wingfoot, in his effort to make the ATML 'hike only', 
won't want my pseudo-journal posted, I am posting something to AT-L and 
perhaps on a webpage to be named later. Any ATML-only members who want to 
get the 'journal' may want to join AT-L, or make contacts to have them 
forwarded. Same low rate. (You see, my journal will probably be the least 
hike-related journal in the history of hike related-journals)

Goodnight, Mrs. Purtlebaugh. I love you.

Quote of the Week: "You know what I wanna be? An executive."
Stop and see me at:  http://members.tripod.com/~Felixhikes/index.html

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