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[at-l] Q10 - A Stove Question

Hi Y'all:

  I'd be interested to hear from anyone with first hand information
about Primus' ultralight (3.4 ounce) titanium, butane/propane stove.

1.  Is the piezo ignition a reliable option?
2.  How stable is the stove mounted on a fuel bottle?
3.  Does the stove significantly decline in efficiency as the fuel level
4.  Assuming one hot meal a day, how long do you suppose a 7.8 ounce
fuel bottle would last?
5.  Did you use it with a wind screen?
6.  Any experience (good or bad) with the manufacturer (this is the type
of information you can't get from reading online reviews, it seems)?
7.  Have you done any personal performance tests with it?
8.  Overall opinion?
8.  Nice price, eh?      ( ;- (

Thank you.


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