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Re: [at-l] Guns...

Stephanie Oles wrote:

> Without telling all, I really feel the need to at least partially
> justify my statements. Yes, I have friends who have lost thier lives. I
> have also been a vicitm of violence on the trail. (maybe it's just my
> karma?) I used to believe NO GUNS just as strongly as all of you ( all
> of you who responded). This violence has changed me and my perception of
> how safe it is on the trail.  I've taken  beginning, intermediate and
> advanced training classes on gun use and safety. I like to believe I'm
> not dangerous. ( I'm not a Rambo type, I swear!)

For your sake, if you ever encounter someone bent on
killing or seriously injuring you, I hope you're
dangerous as all Hell -- with or without a firearm.


> I do want to admit publicly, I jumped to action out of fear for Kristin
> and past experiences when I wrote that message. I APOLOGIZE for not
> being more responsible with my response. I should have thought before I
> wrote.