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Re: [at-l] Guns...

> ...Okay, I've received a lot of mail. I get the message.  I would like
> to entertain discussions on this, you may be able to persuade me that
> I'm wrong...

OK, please entertain my FICTIONAL account of why this is a bad idea:

Jack decided to hike the AT, a hike he knew he would make when he was as
young as twelve.  Jill, fulfilling a lifelong dream, also decided to hike
the entire AT that same year, but Jill hearing stories and being a little
unsure of her safety, placed a small hand gun (2lb. 3oz.) in her pack. 
After Jack and Jill had climbed several hills on the AT, they had their
first encounter.  Immediately Jack and Jill formed a tight bond.  Each of
them had similar interest, were almost identical in age, and both had a
warm sense of humor.  During the next month, Jack and Jill's paths would
cross every few days, they were indeed best friends.  Early one morning, a
morning that just happened to be Jill's birthday, Jack announced that he
would be leaving the trail and probably would not be returning.  Jack
wished Jill the very best on her continued journey and a happy birthday. 
Each assured the other that they would keep in contact.  Jack exited to an
approach trail waving goodbye to Jill, he would indeed miss her company.

That evening Jill set up camp alone, sad that the one person she had so
enjoyed hiking with would not be accompanying her during the duration of
her hike.  Suddenly, Jill was startled by rustling of animals outside the
shelter.  "Hello?  Anyone there?"  Jill asked.  No response, until moments
later the animals started to scurry and cry again.  Jill now fully spooked
remembers the hand gun she packed away, she had forgotten all about it
until now.  The hand gun was retrieved from the pack.  Jill, now standing
in front of the shelter and still inquiring "HELLO!?  Is anyone there?!"




In a split instance, someone jumped out from behind a tree holding
something above their head and yelling.  Jill panicked by the sight and
sound involuntarily squeezes the trigger.  The crack of Jill's gun, follow
by the collapse of the would-be attacker, are the last sounds before an
eerie silence takes the woods.  Jill, her adrenaline rush starting to fade,
looks at her "attacker."  Jack, still clutching a now squashed birthday
cake gasps his final words "I just wanted to give you a surprise birthday


I don't want to be morbid, but too many accidents DO happen and far too
quickly, to make hand guns a good idea.  If, Jill had taken a self defense
course instead of that gun, she and Jack would be living
happily-ever-after.  That is after Jack took a few aspirin for his
splitting headache and applied cold compresses to his groined.

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