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[at-l] Guns...


Okay, I've recieved a lot of mail. I get the message. Kristin, if you're
out there, forget it. My suggestions are not good. I didn't mean to
offend anyone, I would like to entertain discussions on this, you may be
able to persuade me that I'm wrong.

Without telling all, I really feel the need to at least partially
justify my statements. Yes, I have friends who have lost thier lives. I
have also been a vicitm of violence on the trail. (maybe it's just my
karma?) I used to believe NO GUNS just as strongly as all of you ( all
of you who responded). This violence has changed me and my perception of
how safe it is on the trail.  I've taken  beginning, intermediate and
advanced training classes on gun use and safety. I like to believe I'm
not dangerous. ( I'm not a Rambo type, I swear!)

The responses I recieved were appreciated and I'm reading them with an
open mind. Believe it or not I agree with most of the things all of you
are saying.(Except for the really mean stuff, come on!)

I do want to admit publicly, I jumped to action out of fear for Kristin
and past experiences when I wrote that message. I APOLOGIZE for not
being more responsible with my response. I should have thought before I

At this point I don't know what to do. I'm like most of you(I hope) in
that I just want to hike, backpack, camp and enjoy the outdoors safely.
Unfortunately I've had bad experiences and I guess I've become jaded. 

Sincerest Apologies,


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