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Re: [at-l] Guns...



I hope I was not one of the mean ones.  I had a real bad experience in
my life also.  I spent a year carrying a rifle and was a door gunner
in a helicopter gunship.    Since the military I have never owned a
gun or for that matter a knife (other than my fishing knife).  I also
have a friend who accidently killed his daugther with his pistol.  He
thought she was an intruder in his own home.  He was trained in the
proper use of firearms as he was and still is a police officer.  He no
longer has a gun in his house.

There are places where carrying a weapon is appropriate and I believe
on the trail is not one of those places.  My personal opinion.  There
are a few places on the AT that I do not feel comfortable and I would
feel much safer with a group of people.  I often solo hike sections of
the trail, but for any long hike I always travel in a group.  I think
that is the best advice one can use, no matter where one may be.

Bob Dudley
Grey Owl

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