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Re: [at-l] Questions, questions, questions....

In a message dated 97-12-22 16:12:11 EST, SOLES@louky.org writes:

<< CAREFUL, CAREFUL, CAREFUL!!  Plan ahead well, and try not to be on the
 trail by yourself. If you must go alone, learn to use a gun. I've lost
 two friends this way. unfortunately it's just not safe anymore. 

This has to be the worst advice I've seen posted on this list in a long time.
The last thing you need to protect yourself is a gun.  If you hike smart, you
will have no problem.

What is hiking smart?  It's hiking with a group.  If you start between March
15 and April 15, you will be able to hike with dozens of other hikers almost
your entire trip.  By the time you get into New England (where the group will
thin), you will still have the opportunity to hike with two or more people
every day.  
     NOTE:  I speak from what I've read, not from experience.

Finally, on many parts of the AT, it is illegal to carry a gun.  Are you ready
to go to jail for something you will never use?

I don't mean to flame you, but I hike three or four weeks each year on the AT.
I don't want to be anywhere near a jumpy hiker with a gun.

Wayne Brown
Lakeland, FL
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