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RE: [at-l] Questions, questions, questions....

> CAREFUL, CAREFUL, CAREFUL!!  Plan ahead well, and try not to be on the
> trail by yourself. If you must go alone, learn to use a gun. I've lost
> two friends this way. unfortunately it's just not safe anymore. 
> I don't mean to sound like a downer, but we must face reality. Also, get
> a dog. A big dog. I have a white shepard (110 lbs) when someone comes
> near my campsite, he growls real low in his throat. (It's pretty spooky,
> and it has kept people away) Just be sensible, there are always other
> women who want to do this, but don't want to go alone. As a matter of
> fact, when you make your plans, e-mail me. I might do a portion with
> you. 
> This brings up a good topic for discussion: "How do we stay connected to
> the Earth and stay safe at the same time?" Has anyone heard of the "Take
> Back The Trails" initiative? It was inspired by the two women who were
> murdered just off the Appalachian Trail back in 1996. I would be
> interested in any information about women's hiking/backpacking
> networks??
I feel sorry for people who lost friends, but do me a favor and stay away from 
the Trails with that attitude, the big dog, and the gun.  You are looking for 
trouble, not hiking... Rent a trailside video instead...  We will feel safer.


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