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[at-l] Highest winds on Earth

Yes, I too heard that the instrument which calculated the Guam typhoon wind
gust must be "calibrated" to determine its accuracy - and there was some
speculation that it could be off substantially enough to keep the Rockpile
on top... but let's put it in the proper perspective:
Every place on Earth which doesn't have an anemometer on it is a potential
site for the "world's latest highest wind speed."  But we'd never know!
Why, I'll bet that 231 gust was bested on some obscure flank of some
unnamed peak in the Himalayas or down around stormy, windy Patagonia,
within a year's time of that fateful date in  1934.  
So is it accuracy we're striving for, or sheer unabashed vanity, in keeping,
or hoping to reclaim, the great record? <g>
  (the good news is I hear we can blame it all on El Nino - no need to
bastardize a US Territory!)
- Blister>Free, GA-ME '96-'97, PCT '98 (4.5 months and counting)
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