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[at-l] Rumor #1 CEO grants payed leave for Chase

Well things may just
be shaping up for a '98 attempt for me!!!:-). 
	This past Spring they (Corning) SQUASHED me with we cant let you go!
Now there are rumors of layoff's. So I am starting rumors of my own. The
rummor is I am taking control of my life and plan to do what I
want.....spend time in the woods.

Hi Chase,
Maybe we should start sending letters to G.H. Hiner Chmn/CEO of Corning and
advice him of your need to take time off for your hike this year.  How this
will enhance the public awareness of the civic duty Corning has for the AT
Maybe he'll make you the traveling spokesperson for Corning on the AT?
We can dream can't we?
Seriously I wish you luck in your desire to hike the AT.
Did you ever get your gear back from the bus company?  I don't remember
reading about what happened to your gear.
Take care,
John O 
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