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[at-l] chemical heat-packs (large)

My local WalMart's sporting-goods department has a good selection of
chemical hand/foot warmers of the kind discussed here a couple of weeks
ago, plus larger model I haven't seen before:  It's 9" x 13", weighs 6.7
oz.  The label says it produces 15 hours of heat, and has a ziplock bag so
you can turn it off (by removing its oxygen supply).  Price is ~$6.  It is
the iron-oxidation type (light weight, high output, nonrechargeable, no
toxic ingredients).  This device plus a sleeping bag might prevent
hypothermia in an emergency.  "Survival Heat" brand, made in USA by Heatmax
Inc., POB 119, Dalton, GA 30722   800 431-8629.

  --     Frank     reid@indiana.edu
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