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Re: [at-l] Trioxane vs Hexamine

> I am concerned about the toxicity of triox. The package (military foil 
> wrapper) warns that it is toxic.  Also, how dangerous are the fumes?

I found your note very interesting, and ran a web-search or triox. It
seems that this is fairly safe, used by military, involves formaldehyde,
and as such does pose some risk with fumes. I did not find that this has
been replaced by US Army, although there are interests in a replacement
that maintains heat and weight benefits. Hexamine sounds interesting in
that it can be extinguished and relit. 

These each sound interesting as very light weight, removing the weight
of the stove and fuel bottle. Brigade Quartermaster (www.brigade.com - a
survivorist sort of place near Atlanta) seems like a good resource for
info and product. Maybe even MRE's if you've given up enjoying food!

thanks for the idea.

Bill Thorneloe
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