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[at-l] Trioxane vs Hexamine

After viewing Lynne Whelden's video on lightweight backing, I am 
considering changing over to solid fuel for a stove.  While checking 
around, I have found two types of fuel readily available: hexamine 
(looks like a giant round pill) and trioxane (blue, foil wrapped bars).  
Generally, I have found the trioxane much more readily available and 
cheaper.  Trioxane (aka "triox") also burns much hotter.  I have found 
2/3 of a 1oz bar to be adequate to cook a Liptons dinner.  The remaining 
1/3 can heat a cup of water.

I am concerned about the toxicity of triox. The package (military foil 
wrapper) warns that it is toxic.  Also, how dangerous are the fumes?

Anyone have experience with this stuff?


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