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[at-l] Winter is Here and It is Cold as ****

Hi All,

Nasty this weekend.  We lost power for about an hour.  The roads were
in pretty decent shape, but I spent most of Saturday digging out the
Kitchen.  Sunday was spent at an open house At St. Joseph's University
in Phillie.  My daughter is thinking of attending this school.  The
school is located on the highest hill in Phillie and I was dually
unimpressed.  It was cold!!!!

Uusally when winter hits, I stop hiking.  I enjopy the warmth of my
house and I want to spent time with my family.  This does not stop me
from going outside and visiting local parks and viewing the wildlife
in the area.  It just means that I am not going to try and hike any
distance in this weather.  

Several years ago I went hiking on the AT in NJ.  We had a little rain
the day before but we did not realize that there was snow at higher
elevations.  There was also a fair amount of wind.  It turned out that
every tree had a huge white blaze.  To make matters worse was it
slowly turned 'warmer' and the trail became muddy.  when we turned
around to hike out we were hiking into the wind.  We all survived, but
none of us want to go back out in that weather again.  I will spend
winter reading trail guides and dream of hiking until the weather
turns warm.

Bob Dudley

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