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[at-l] Brrr! Cold morning on Springer

Well, good morning everyone.

While reading the mail this morning I see we have a Tray Mt. report from
Gallant so I thought I'd offer one as well. It was a cold Sunday morning
atop Springer Mt. And as Gallant reports Springer was white as well. It
was beautiful! The trees were frosted white with a light snow on the
ground. My thermometer read 24F so the wind chill most likely was below

Met a dozen day hikers and a few scouts that spent the night. Spent most
of the morning taking photos (will let y'all know when they on the
website) and wnadering around the many side trails etc.

In case any is interested; FS42 is in excellent shape up to the Springer
access point. 


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     norcross, georgia usa 30092 - 770/446-8880x245 - www.iqsc.com

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