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Re: [at-l] long underwear, underwear

Yes, it makes a difference for me. I switched to Coolmax undershorts about 2
years ago, and it has eliminated the chafing and rash that I always got,
even on day hikes in the winter.

Cotton fibers actually absorb water (this is why cotton towels work so
well), and release it slowly (which is why it takes so long to dry). Wet
cotton fibers are abrasive, which leads to chafing in the nether regions for
guys; well, me, anyway. Coolmax and other polyester fibers solve this
problem - they don't absorb water, so it wicks through to the next layer, or
evaporates directly. In hot weather, I can take off my soaked Coolmax
t-shirt, hang it on a branch at lunch, and it's dry in half an hour. Try
that with cotton!

As for washing, just rinse them out. I really don't see the need to burn my
underwear <g>. And yes, I have tried going undershortless in my lined nylon
hiking shorts, and while it works just fine, the shorts start to stink bad
in less than a day. For some reason, the coolmax underwear seems to prevent

As usual, YMMV. 


> From: Tom Fort <tjfort@netdoor.com>
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> Subject: Re: [at-l] long underwear
> Date: Fri, 14 Nov 1997 11:56:46 -0600
> Since we're talking about underwear, What are your thoughts on capeline
> shorts.  They are a little expensive, especially if you  get enough
> pairs to change into a clean one every couple of days.  Are they really
> better than old fashion cotton drawers.  My brother even goes as far as
> burning the used pair so as to not carry the dirties.  This wouldn't
> work for a thru-hike but not bad on short 1-2 weekers.  Does wearing
> cotton shorts defeat the purpose of wearing capeline long-johns?  Any
> thoughts?
> What a list.  Where else can we talk about this issue?
> Happy trails.
> t. 
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> Tom Fort 
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> Jackson, MS
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