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[at-l] cross-posting

	I was only recently made aware of this mailing list when a fellow
AT-ml reader mentioned having seen an announcement I posted there, but not
having seen it on the AT-l.  He seemed to feel that I should join and post
it here.  Since I hadn't been reading AT-l, it's a good bet some of you
don't read AT-ml.  I hope I'm not setting a precedent of cross-posting, but
this merits it:

	I've had made rocker patches of "THRU-HIKER" by the same company
that makes the "2000-MILER" ones for the ATC.  They are the same in every
way except for the text and that they curve up (to go over the AT 'bullet
patch), whereas the "2000-MILER" ones curve down (and go under the AT

	They are only $1 each (which is less than my cost).  Anyone
interested can e-mail me for more info.

	I'm also considering having 2 other rockers made: "PURIST" and
"FLIP-FLOPPER."  If you'd buy either of these, indicate how many.  The
minimum production is 350, so I must get a certain # of orders before I

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