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[at-l] Re: Light Weight Tent

On Mon, 10 Nov 1997 MarvWelte@aol.com wrote:
> I am looking for recommendations for light weight tents in the $150 range.

	I have a Walrus Swift.  I looked and tried out many tents before
ending up with the Swift.  What I wanted for a tent and what I needed for
a tent were not the same.  The reason for so many try outs was I kept
getting what I wanted.  What I needed was a tent that gave me good solo
use shelter.  BTW I only need it to sleep in.  Well made with good
customer support and "Light Weight".  For me the Swift provided what I
needed.  Because its a tent the comfort level is above a bivy.  The weight
is equal to a bivy with a tarp.  The real weight is 3 lbs pack ready,
weighted at a Post Office.  Pack ready includes tent, fly, 2 poles, 4
stakes and a stuff sack. I don't use the tent pegs which came with the
tent.  I use 4 Easton Aluminum tent stakes found at REI.  These stakes are
wonderful and very light.  The old style Swift you can get for $50 - $100. 
The new style is $150. The difference seems to be how the fly is connected
to the tent.  Walrus can up date the older model.  I'm 5' 10" and weigh
225 lbs.  Good luck because buying backpacking equipment is a lot of fun
but can drive you crazy also.  Take care.......... 

Beau Bushor N1MJD
  "bleeder guy"

ps I don't work for Walrus.

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