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[at-l] Minorities on the Trail

May I speak! May I speak (My cyber hand is raised).  The thread on
minorities on the trail was a good thing in my opinion.  As a black
guy has took his 69 year-old mother, 9 year-old daughter and 40ish
sister and b-law backpacking on the AT in the Mount Rogers, but could
not get his wife, and mother-law past the Holiday Inn, I can tell you
that all of the answers and theories about why there are few
minorities on the trail is like all theories about minorities.  Some
apply and some don't.  No group is homogeneous (alike thru and thru);
not even my family.

The bottom line for the thread for me was that someone noticed that
the trail(that place that we dream about everyday) is not being
enjoyed by a large segment of a certain group in society and we
wondered why not?  We (me too)noticed and wondered why, which probably
indicates the kind of people that are on the AT-L.  I would expect no

HERB (Omega Man)

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