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>The attitude
> of most was:  "hell, I grew up having to use an outhouse, why do I
> want to do that now?  I'll "camp out" at a Holiday Inn,
> thank you."  I have found the same attitude held by black friends here
> in the Washington area - people who picked cotton in their youth and
> didn't have very many of the conveniences we take for granted.  In a
> few generations many of these people, white and black, will be
> comfortably settled into the middle class and their children can
> reject comfort and convenience to get back to
> nature and follow outdoor pursuits.

> I am a white male, and my parents were sharecroppers most of their
> lives.  However, I enjoy hiking, backpacking, and camping.  In fact,
> there's no place I'd rather be than the woods.  Both of my parents
> feel the same way - or rather they would if they weren't too old to be
> doing any backpacking.  I don't think poverty has much to do with it.
My husband grew up using the barn and the outhouse and he loves backpacking
also.  I am not sure being deprived has anything to do with it.

Alice aka IL Flatlander

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