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[at-l] Northville-Lake Placid

Hi All!

While this is not AT stuff I had to share my hike on the Northville Lake
Placid Trail.  
Hiking heaven.  My cousin and I did 18 miles of the perfect flat dry
mosquitoless trail.  Lots of water.  It is a valley trail so it is only
bugless in the fall.  Elevation gain is negligeble and the woods are
lovely.  We met no people in three days. Real wilderness experience.
 (We kicked back a lot to enjoy the peace).  
Shelters are plentiful and are usually on a lake.  LOTS of LAKES and
loons.  My knee has been sore so this trail enabled me to hike with
minimum danger to my knee.  The first 10 miles are road walk to Upper
Benson and that's boring so we skipped that.  Most people do I believe. 
For a rest hike this is the one.  Great to shape up for a long treck.
The trail is 133 miles long and we hope to finish it in 4 trips.  Can't
take too much time off from work or we'd still be there.

Barbara DiGiovanni  "Dee Boss"

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