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[at-l] at essay

Here's an essay that I wrote for my English class.  It was pretty 
much an open topic paper, so guess what I chose to write about :)  
Apparently the teacher liked it a lot, cause I got a hunerd.  So, I 
thought that I'd share it with the list.

My First White Blaze	
 "Ah, in the divided sky the wind blows high."  The simple yet
 powerful lyrics of Phish pop into my mind as I sit looking into God's
 creation in all its glory.  A chilly breeze, quite rare for Georgia
 even in the summer, nips against my cheeks.  Looking beyond the
 precipice  atop Springer Mountain, I see a spectacular sunset among
 the North Georgia Hills.  "Wondrous are Thy works O Lord!  In wisdom
 hast Thou made them all" (Psalm 103).   I sit next to the famous
 Appalachian Trail plaque at the southern terminus of the 2,160 mile
 trail.  I begin to converse with some hikers camping on the summit. 
 	"So how long you out here for?" one of them asks.  "Just an
 overnighter.  Heading back down the Approach Trail tomorrow," I
 respond.  "Yourselves?" The three men answer in turn.  Harmonica and
 Govinda just started the trail today and plan to hike until the money
 runs out and/or it isn't fun anymore.  Buffalo got on the trail in
 early June, hiked into North Carolina, and hiked back to Springer. 
 He is now heading back northward on the trail. There is a sense of
 companionship here not felt at home.  These people whom I had never
 seen before in my life were automatically my friends.  If I saw
 Buffalo anywhere else, I would most likely head in another direction.
  But here, things are different.  I soon hear footsteps approaching. 
 My hiking companions Jeremy and Karen join me on the rocky outcrop. 
 We discuss the view, life on the trail, food, our homes, gear, my
 plans for a future long distance A.T. hike, and even literature.
 Every time I think of the sight before my eyes, a gaping smile full
 of awe stretches across my face.  The colors of pink, orange, blue,
 and green blend together to form a masterpiece greater than any man
 has ever formed.  I can't believe I am here.  Soon, the sun sets and
 we decide to head back to the shelter.  We tell our new friends that
 they are welcome to our extra food in the morning.  They thank us and
 bid farewell for the night.  As I turn back, I again see the first
 white blaze of the A.T.  It was only my first, but I will see all of
 its little white friends.  At this moment I think I realize the magic
 of the Trail.  There is nowhere like it.  It is a place to escape the
 pressures of modern life, a place to live simply, a place to truly
 live.  Life here isn't easy, but it is good.  I will have very fond
 memories of my first steps on the Appalachian Trail.  And I will

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