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[at-l] Shenandoahs in the fall

We were up in the Shenandoahs last weekend and it was hopping.  I talked
with a clerk at Big Meadows who said that the beginning of October is their
busiest time of year as all the leaf peepers come out from the city.  They
get booked a year in advance for that period.  So - you should find all the
stores and restaurants open - but the campgrounds may be more crowded than
you would expect and don't plan on staying at a cabin.  When we thruhiked, I
only carried about 3 days of food between Waynesboro and Harpers Ferry.  We
bought more as we hiked, and ate at all the restaurants along the way.  Of
course, we were doing pretty big miles through there - and some of the
restaurants aren't there any more (Remember Papa Nicks at Ashby Gap - those
were GREAT pancakes!)  The stores are typical campground stores - beer and
ice cream, canned beans (any rope?) and mac and cheese, but don't expect
freeze dried or any real variety- but you won't go hungry if you are
carrying a light pack.  The campgrounds are open until November 1, I think.

Ginny O.
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