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[at-l] I-40 to Hot Springs

The I-40 section near Davenport Gap that was closed by landslide is still
closed, with no definitive word on when it will reopen. Traffic is still
being rerouted, much of it through Hot Springs, which has caused somewhat
of a traffic problem here in town at times. On the plus side, it's caused
some local excitement, like a few days ago when the Arrowsmith tour bus
stopped at the local deli and band members ran in for sodas.

As for shuttles near Hot Springs, and anywhere along the Trail, you can
find them by going to the Trailplace "Services for AT Hikers" section, then
using the searchable "Shuttle Information" database, which will let you
find shuttles to any road crossing on the AT, as well as people who will do
pickups at train, bus, and air terminals near the Trail.--WF

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