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RE: [at-l] Re: I-40 to Hot Springs

Actually, I believe that section of I-40 is still closed.  The latest from
the NC Dept. of Transportation can be found here...
My parents just drove from TN to NC on vacation and had to take the long
way around to get to Asheville.  Not sure exactly what areas are affected
and don't claim to know that part of the country, but it looks like it
probably includes Schoolhouse Road
(http://www.dot.state.nc.us/news/rock84.jpg).  Again, I live in Texas so
don't claim to know much about the roads, just know what I read!

Last I heard the rock slide was cleared away.  Must have been a spectacular
sight with the cliff suddenly all over the road.  To bad there were
as a result.  Elmer is an excellent resource.  Only 2 more years and I'll
your shuttle in that area, can hardly wait!

>Does anyone know of a shuttle service from Hotsprings to Schoolhouse
>Road, exit 451 on I-40? (That is the north end of Smoky Mt Park)
>Thanks, Hopeful  (and his kids)
   Check with Elmer Hall at the Inn (704-622-7206). He helped me find
shuttles in this area.
   Does anybody know how the rockslide affected this area? The trip from
Springs to exit 451 might be interesting. A large rockslide has closed I-40
somewhere around there.
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