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Re: [at-l] Greetings from Seattle...

Nice to meet you. My son, Skipper (age 21) hiked GA->ME this summer. I
helped him get some gear together. He returned and said the Whisperlite
stove worked fine. He started with a store pot, bought a camping pot, and
returned with a Titanium one that is much lighter than
the others.  He started with a water filter that clogged pretty early on
during the hike. He used bandanas to strain the water and purified with
iodine. He would get as much water in towns as possible. By the way, he
GAINED 20 POUNDS! He would eat as much as possible when
he could in town. We visited Weezies Restaurant in Waynesboro,VA on the
way home. It is the home of 'all-you-can-eat' $3.99 (I think) pancakes. 
Great breakfast. I also met Phoenix who finished the same day he did.  
MOM (I don't have a trail name, since I haven't hiked it that much.)
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