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[at-l] Greetings from Seattle...

> ----------
> I am hoping this will be a successful introduction to the list (and
> that you are not getting this for a second time--"if at first you
> don't succeed...").  Hi everyone (y'all)!  I've spent the last two
> weeks catching up on all of your trail talk and figured it was time to
> get into the game.  I am committed to a late March/early April
> thru-hike attempt this Spring.  One of the many Springer Mountain
> hopeful with Katahdin in mind. I grew up hiking in Yosemite as a kid,
> have recently discovered the Cascades in Washington and am planning a
> Mt. Ranier summit attempt September 6-8.  I am by no means a hard-core
> mountaineer, just a laid back/ curious 30 year old who, simply put, is
> most at peace in the woods.  I've got everything except my Dana
> Terraplane, water filter, stove and one-way ticket to GA.  I am on
> fire for this incredible opportunity and look forward to meeting as
> many of you as I can along the way.  Friends call me "Crispy", in
> current reference to my last name, in future reference, perhaps, to my
> socks.  I would love any feedback you might have on water filters and
> stoves.  It's nice to meet you all.
> "Success is a journey, not a destination"
> Cheers, Crispy
GA --> ME '98

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