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[at-l] Obscure Question

Happy Labor Day all!

OK..so maybe I'm getting a rep for asking obscure question.
BTW  thanks everyone for your answers on elevation.  The one that
struck a chord with me was that a hiker climbs the equalavent of the
Empire State Building every day.  Since I havd been to this building,
this concept is something I can wrap my mind around...never been to
Everest.  And considing all the little ups and down the trail offers,
it works for me.

Now to my next question!  A couple recent hikes in super high humidity
have introduced me to new levels of oxygen starvation.  Again, a 
simple concept that I can grasp...if the air is overfull with water
vapor (humidity), there is less room for oxygen.  Or is it that the 
oxygen is less accessible to the lungs?  And had anyone ever compared
the effects of exercise in high humidity to exercise in high altitudes?
Could pulmaonary prob;ems happen at lower altitudes if one is exposed to
constant high humidities? 

And is more energy needed to 'push' through the heavy air?

And in real terms, am I the only one who has real problems breathing
and hiking when the air is liquid? <<G>>

Just more questions from curious me...		Kahley
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