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Re: [at-l] Questionaire on Shelters

>The Dutchess/Putnam County AT Management Committee (NY - Bear Mt Bridge
>to CT) is examining possibilities for an additional shelter. I would
>like to know thru-hiker preferences for shelter locations.  Yes - I
>know you would like it less than 100 yds from the trail on a lake with
>swimming - but that isn't going to happen.
>1) How far from the trail can the shelter be before you will bypass it?

Depends more on the terrain on the way.  I'd probably go .5 mi on
relatively flat terrain AT MOST, but only about .2 if the terrain is tough.
Also makes a difference if water is very close to shelter.

>2) How far from the shelter can water be before you will bypass it?

The closer the better again terrain on the way to the water makes a difference.
If water is more than .1 or .2, forget it!

3) How much elevation gain/loss can there be before you will bypass it?

Depends how far away.  You really can't seperate ques 1 and 3.  THe
question will always be... how much of a pain in the butt is it gonna be to
get in and out of the shelter, and get water vs. what are the alternatives?
If I can camp 200 ft from the water supply, why would I go .5 mi out of my
way to a shelter?

Not very helpful, I know...

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