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[at-l] Re: ATML Bike Nashbar catalogue

Felix wrote:
> Just got the new Bike Nashbar catalogue. They have a couple of items on
> sale that may interest some of thee. Eureka Solitaire tent for $68 (Same
> tent I just gave them $78 for) and good prices on various sport bars
> (clif, power, etc). The have a website at  http://www.nashbar.com
> I haven'tbeen there, so I ain't sure the stuff is listed. 1-800-627-4227
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> Felix
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I also get Bike Nashbar, being a cyclist myself.  Another product that
looked good in the catalog was a 40deg bag by Slumberjack for like
$100.  Weighed 1 lb., 9oz, filled with Primaloft, and compresses really
small.  The Eureka tent also looked good.  Bike Nashbar is on the web.

"Rucksack Wanderer"
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