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RE: [at-l] who's got pictures at work? (fwd)

Forwarded by Milt...
From: Gweneeth Conklin <gconklin@isr.umich.edu>

Viewing past hikes is what keeps me sane at work, that and e-mail from AT-L. 
 I also have my log home house plans and an 8x10 glossy of the view from my 
property in NC plastered on the wall in front of me.  I've surrounded myself 
with two dimensional views of mountains.  Hooray for Kodak.

Gweneeth (MINC)

Ok, show of hands.  Who all have pictures from their various hikes in the
office at work and you keep find yourself mentally hiking over the area
in the picture?  I have a couple pictures someone sent me of me on Konnarock
Trail Crew here at the office and several pictures of nice views on the
fridge at the inlaws.  I find myself mentally going over each trip as I
look at the pictures and have to mentally slap myself around to get back to
work.  Anyone else suffer this?  Or, I guess I shouldn't ask _if_ anyone 
but rather, how many of us suffer this affliction?
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