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[at-l] Howdy Folks (fwd)

Forwarded by Milt...

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Date: 19 Aug 97 21:58:33 EDT
From: Christopher Vreeland <72102.3347@CompuServe.COM>
Subject: Howdy Folks

Howdy Folks,

Long time lurker, first time correspondent.  Trail name was Kalamazoo Gorilla
and hiked GA-PA in '88 and PA-ME in '89.  I usually hiked with The Sheik, Q of
P,  Michael P. Jones and Smiles In Our Hearts.    Am now fat and sassy a long
way away from the trail here in the very flat Midwest but have enjoyed keeping
in touch with the "family" feeling of the AT via the list.  Have had many
chuckles following the antics of various list participants (dogs, bondage,
beans, etc.  :->).  Have kept in touch with various members of '88 & '89 classes
and have addresses for several individuals if folks are trying to find others.

The topic "du jour" which prompted me to write is the recent invasion of "Spam"
into our little world of hiking trivia.  Not being as relaxed as I once was and
having a rather slow modem, I wanted group input before I gave into my
temptation to add certain addresses (e.g. owl@owlsnest.com) to my address book
for routine forwarding of all correspondence/junk mail.  

What do we think, folks?  To spam or not to spam, that is the question.  Whether
'tis nobler (and perhaps wiser) to ignore the junk or to respond in kind as a
group?   Will spammers leave our list alone if it generates a flood of useless
responses? Just a thought-  Anyway, on to happier things...


Chris Vreeland
Haslett, MI 

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