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[at-l] Re: Appalachian Trail Club of Alabama

First Pilgrim

Its nice to hear a long distant hiker with a souther twang, I am only 4
hours away from Birmingham (I live in Hattiesburg MS), Do you have an
address for the club? Do you have any hikes in the Desoto National Forest? 

Hope you have a nice hike, I used to live in PA (last year) and used to go
to the Dunncanon area to hike on weekends. Luckely you are going in the
right direction (hiking up from Dunncanon (going either north or south) is
quite a climb.

Dan "High Tech" Kohn
> From: FosterP599@aol.com
> To: dkohn@merlin.ebicom.net
> Subject: Re: [at-l] Introduction and Help I Have Springer Mt Fever BAD!!!
> Date: Tuesday, August 05, 1997 6:49 AM
> Yes, there are AT hikers in the south.  We have a club, Appalachian Trail
> Club of Alabama and meet in Birmingham once a month.  I don't know where
> are in Miss but we also have some good hiking in north Ala during the
> winter, and spring.  I am a section hiker and have completed Springer to
> Harpers Ferry, plus 75 miles in Maine.  I plan to do Harpers Ferry to
> Dunncanon in late Sept.
> First Pilgrim
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