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Re: [at-l] Introduction and Help I Have Springer Mt Fever BAD!!!

Dan Kohn wrote:

> Hi,
> My name is "High Tech" and I was on this list a while back and though
> I
> would re-join.

Hello High Tech,

    Welcome back to the List. enjoyed meeting you at the Aldha Gathering
last year.I Plan on  makeing this years "Gathering" In New Hampshire!
    That springer fever has really been giveing me a fit this year. I
have boughts of woa is me why didnt I get to go! I had planned on
finsihing up in Maine about this time. I still havnt completly given up
on 1997. There is time left, somthing major could happen and I could be
at katahdin real quick. Heading "South".  If I could only get the
    I was filled with mixed emotions at "Trail Days". It was great to be
there and see some  friends from AT-L. But I still felt so out of place.
It wasnt supposed to be that way. I was supposed to be part of that
Thru-hiker crowed!
    Oh well life goes on. I did get to hike some trail this year that I
havnt been on before, 250 miles or so..PA to MA. And the years not over
yet. The hiking season will be starting again soon.
     Drop by my Chat page http://www.neocomm.net/~cdavidso/chat.html and
say hello.
I recently talked to some hikers I met last year on the trail, Heald and
Kookie Moose have  been on there a lot. Also I check in IRC on
EFNET...join #AT  .. I havnt met anyone there in a while, only Ravens
'El Gatto' , fathfull "Oslo" was there to greet me.
    I replied via the AT-L because I havnt particiapated any in a while.
So I will say HELLO to the rest of the gang here on the cyber trail. I
have been reading most of the email but sometimes I just got the blues
about hiking (or not thru-hikeing) and fill my time with other things.
These cooler nights are giveing me the urge to hit the woods again!
Enough rambling for now.



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