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[at-l] Introduction and Help I Have Springer Mt Fever BAD!!!


My name is "High Tech" and I was on this list a while back and though I
would re-join.

The reason for my re-apearance is that I am Homesick for the AT. I hiked
for three months last summer (all the time I could get off from my job) and
now I really want to get back on the trail once again. To make matters
worse, one of my hiking compianions from last year, Waldo (yes the one in
the ATC Trailways and on the Internet web page) is, as you probably know,
back on the trail to finish what he started and I am green with envey!

Since getting back to the "real world" I moved away from PA and now live in
Mississippi and that makes it even harder. At least before I could go on
weekend hikes on the AT but now that is out of the question.

Are their any other AT hikers this far south, Love to hear from you and
find out what you when you get the urge to hike.

Are any of the AT-Ler's I met at The Gathering Last year here. I havent
forgotten about the picture I promised to post on the internet, but, to be
honest, I still have that roll of film in my camera!

I am working on a web page and will post the address here once I get to it.
I was thinking, instead of posting the usual pictures and logs, I would
ALSO include a full equipment list (with comments on what worked for me and
what didn't) along with other things I learned. What do you think?

Talk to you all soon
Dan "High Tech" Kohn
Ga -< Va '96

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