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[at-l] Hiking PA

Regarding the post about PA's maps and stuff; (1) Maps: KTA puts out the
AT maps for the state. Yes, they are the worst maps going! You can buy
"some" four color maps but most of them are still B&W. The reason behind
this is becase, KTA is a very conserved bunch of people!! They ideal is,
if it was ok, 30 or 40 years ago, why change it? (Go figure, they're
mostly made up of old people.)
Rocks: If you look closely (at the trail) you can tell that they pick
the worst route they can.(I.E. over the most rock they can.)Why, when
there are easier routes? Just becase the ATC and those clubs in the
state who laid out the routes LOVE to make it as tuff as they can!!)
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