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[at-l] Re: Groups on the AT

Rich asked: 
> I'm an experienced backpacker but new to the South East and am looking =
> for some advice.  I'm planning a trip to cover 50 miles of the AT next =
> June with our BSA Troop.  I'm looking for any advice on the logistics =
> side of things.  We have a solid support group that will be droping us =
> off and picking us up so parking will not be a problem.  Are there any =
> rules/guidelines regarding group size or number of tents etc?  Any =
> advice would be appreciated.
> Rich Deschler
> =20

A number of the local maintaining groups prefer that large groups not 
hike on the AT.  

For example,  the guide book for MD and N. VA says " The policy of  
the  ATC is that groups planning to spend one or more nights on  the 
the Trail should not exceed 10 people.... unless the local 
maintaining organization has made special arrangements to both 
accomodate the group and protect Trail values.'

This is a topic that is greatly  debated.  I guess that 
a big group might cause localized damage, since they tend to 
concentrate in one place.  I also suspect that all large groups are 
suffering because of the sins of a few that have caused damage.

 It certainly would be better 
if you were self-contained and did not need to use the shelters.  

Bob Shroy
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