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[at-l] White Mt Hut Hike

Thank you fellow hikers for all the useful info.  From it we mulled it
over, chewed it up a bit and finally decided to phone Pinkham for
reservations.  Some huts which we wanted to use on our day hikes were
already full so we decided that it would be better to backpack the Whites
rather than be caught doing an impossible 15+ mile day hike.  So we are
staying at huts and campsites and carrying our house on our backs.  I
always feel more secure with my pack anyhow.  Here is our itinerary:
Day 1         over the Moose & motel    8.9 mi
       2         Eliza Brook Shelter          6.8
       3         Franconia Notch & motel  8.6
       4         Greenleaf Hut                  6.3 + 1.5
       5         Galehead Hut                  6.5
       6         Ethan Pond Camp           11.0
       7         Nauman Campsite            9.4
       8         Lakes of Clouds Hut         5.0
       9         Valley Way Tentsite         7.3
      10        Pinkham N & motel          7.1
      11        Carter Notch Hut              5.5
      12        Imp Campsite                  6.9 
      13        Rte 2   finished                7.6
We will be driving two cars up there and jockeying them between road
crossings to get to motels when we can, so mileage is no problem for
accomodations just as long as we can get to the trailhead early the next
day.  We plan to try to be on the trail at 7:30 am and off by 5pm.  At
these mileages we shouldn't have any problems having enough daylight hours.
The USFS is making the rules about user fee permits but Pinkham did not
know who to call or who to pay except that it is the USFS who made the
rule.  He said it would be $5 per person, thats all.  So I guess we'll find
out.  He did say our car would not be towed but we could be fined if we do
not pay a user fee. If anyone knows more definite info on this let me know.
This electronic mail venue is the greatest.  Where else could I get big
answers from experienced people in just a few short hours?  Again, thank
you, Trailplace and Saffron.  
Happy Hiking and God Bless,
Slim and Bogey
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