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Re: [at-l] Why No Duct Tape?

In a message dated 97-05-11 07:36:54 EDT, you write:

<< I have used it to mend a split tent pole... >>

Ah, there are MANY uses for the ever-wonderful duct tape.  In a pinch, you
can use it to "repair" a boot.  I don't advocate this, but if you're miles
from a shelter and need a quick fix, believe me, it works wonders.  I have
friends at school (before I say this, I must admit that these friends are
*ODD*) who just gave up on buying new shoes and just keep their shoes
together with our buddy, Mr. Duct Tape.  [This one is NOT serious] If you
don't like your hiking partner and/or think he/she/it has been talking for
too long, you can put the tape over their mouth.  You can be like another
friend of mine (he is also ODD) who was walking through some heavy brush,
using a knife to cut it down as he cleared it, and accidentally cut into
himself when he did...a nice 4 inch cut.  He covered the wound as best he
could with other skin, then duct taped it shut til he got home and could get
it cleaned up.  And, on a similar, medical token, as long as I was wearing a
sock, if my ankle was bothering me, I might resort to using duct tape as a
wrap and support for my ankle (both of mine roll a lot under normal
circumstances, I wear braces on both if I think I'm going to have problems,
as well as have rigid-ankle boots).  

Ok, sorry for all that randomness up there.  I'm still studying for my AP
Chem test this Tuesday, and am going a little batty..  ---Viper  (Kristin)
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