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[at-l] Relig'n, recipes, and fuel

I'm reading this from digest so all I know is where this discussion 
was yesterday.  I am on a religious discussion list and this is not 
a religious discussion list.  

Drop the thread.

If anyone wants to talk about how religion is part of their hike, fine.
 (Hiking is a profoundly christian experience for me.)  If anyone wants to
heat my views on nudity please e-mail directly.

I heard a request for good dehydrator recipes.  I second that motion!  I
finally found Dehydrator habitat (The Mechandise Warehouse Wilderness of the
Crestwood Missouri Range)  Thanks for your help.  

Warning: When making Logan Bread be very careful not to spill the
oil/honey/molasses/egg mixture over the oven and into the burners deep down
into the poor oven's innards.  

How does one resupply one's stove fuel?  You can't mail it, can you?

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