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Re: [at-l] Boiling water and moth balls!

Steve Laird wrote:
> I thought that'd get your attention...on my last trip I heard two
> novel bits of information:
> 1. You need not boil water 3 minutes to make it safe; one minute
> will suffice, and even just bringing it to a boil and then
> covering it with a lid for a minute (with the stove off) will do
> the job. Any thoughts?

This is true - just reaching the boiling point is enough to kill any
little buggers in your water. But I prefer a filter still - it gets rid
of other junk like farmer runoff that doesn't go away with boiling.
According to the sweetwater webpage, "The Guardian's Labyrinth Depth
Filter technology is 100% tested and proven to meet the bacteria and
protozoa portion of the USEPA's stringent water
purifier standards , removing 99.9% of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, and
99.9999% of bacteria from the water you drink. Its bed of Granular
Activated Carbon then removes unpleasant odors and flavors, and reduces
chemical pollutants through adsorption. No other filter on the market
makes the water safer to drink."  Cool, huh? :)
> 2. A small baggy with a few moth balls in it opened at night can
> serve as a deterrent to animals of various kinds and sizes (both
> for the backpack and the bear bag). Thoughts?

Gross. Don't do it. not only do moth balls smell nasty, they are
carcinogenic (sp??). not really something appetizing that you'd want to
get mixed in with your food supply. :P
> Am eagerly anticipating two upcoming trips:
> 1. Family camping at Damascus over trail days (5/15-18)

Cool - I'll be there too! I'll be the wacky girl with black and red
hair. red like a strawberry, not like a natural redhead. who knows, but
then it might even be florescent pink! :)

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