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[at-l] re: trail days revisited

>>>   Well, a fortnight and counting. Mike, why don't you tell us where and 
when to meet? You said the Mountainsmith booth will be 'down by the 
river' (for you Neil Young fans) does that mean in the park? And what 
time will you guys be there? Say 2:00 on Friday? And maybe again on 
Saturday? Thoughts and suggestions...
- -- 
Felix  <<<

yup, the day is drawing near.  

i will be at abingdon gap shelter thurs night, so i hope to be in damascus
by early afternoon.  i've got a few quick errands to run when i first get
into town, so to be safe, let's say 4pm at the mtnsmith booth.

the booth is located in the large (by damascus standards) paved parking lot
on Imboden St, i think.  other equipment vendors will also be there -
gregory, pur, sweetwater, mountain hardware, etc.  this is the small street
at the end of the road the post office is on.  it parallels laurel ave,
which is to the east, and the river is to the west.  this is also where
alot of people tent.  the new hiker restrooms and showers are nearby.

allyn morten is the mtnsmith rep.  if i am not there, he may know of my
whereabouts or when i will be back.  i will go straight there upon
arriving, drop my pack, and run errands.

i will have an AT-L sign posted and a message board or clipboard for people
to leave messages.  this will probably be available from 4pm fri to noon
sunday.  feel free to take advantage of it if you wish.

i leave this thurs eve (may 8) for a friend's wedding boston.  i hope to
see many of you down in damascus.  raven, snail-no-more, and schuyler, at
the least - i will see you on the trail!!  woohoooo!

oh, and the may picture in the atc calender is a classic - mcafee's knob.

ke kaahawe

Michael Henderson		mikeh@royalrobbins.com

We cannot know what we can do in advance.  The only way 
to find out is to go all-out trying, thinking only success.
     - Royal Robbins
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