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[at-l] gear,yogurt and stuff

Hi Thomas,
	I bought a Dana last summer and really like it too. Although I bought
the overkill, and It is truely that, and somewhat heavier than I'd like, but is
"cushy" when loaded. I've had probally as much as 80-100# in it last summer
when doing trail maintenance and although my knees were screaming the pack
carried and distributed the weight great. The only thing that I have found,
that most other pack makers also omit is a place to put a water bottle where
you can reach it. Why don't they put a mesh net on the sides for a water
bottle??? It seems it would be so easy to do, and leave off some of the extra
bells and stuff that may not be as vital. everyone has to drink or even would
like to place a map at hand!!
Happy hiking tom, hope you enjoy you pack as much as I have.
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 1997 12:11:19 -0700
>From: "Thomas B. Greene" <tbgreene@blanca.uccs.edu>
Subject: [at-l] New Gear

Hey all,

Just picked up a new Terraplane for $300.  Sure will miss my old external frame
(Not!).  Also got a Marmot Gortex Backpacker Jacket for $140.  Slowly but

>From: ubuibme@siu.edu (Bill Lockhart)
Subject: [at-l] dried yogurtAnybody tried dried yogurt?  Is it any good?  Would
it work for
the trail?  Where can I get some?
Hi Bill
I've treid the dried yogurt. I liked it pretty much. I dehydrated it fromthe
stuff at the store. Just put litte drops on the plastic sheets and it dry in a
few hours. It retains that slight bitter yogurty taste if you know what I mean
but its good by my standards. But I also made some of my own trails
/energy bars  that I though were good and others thought they tasted like
sorgum(sp)!!!! But they got hte job done and I just laughed at their expression
as they tried to get the taste out of their mouth:
	 Now that was a pretty sight!!! Ever see a dog with peanut butter on
his tonge???

A note for all ya'll getting ready to go for a walk: I sincerely wish you all
the best and happy trails. When things feel like like they are getting tough
know that someone else is thinking of you ans at least spiritually supporting
you if nothing else. I like most of what Jim had to say about hiking you're own
hike , stop to smell and look and enjoy. Sometime we tend to get caught up in
"grinding up a long hill and miss the beauty of the surroundings. When I start
to feel that way I like to stop, take a long drink of water and look all the
way around a couple of times and take in several deep breaths and I begin to
feel better again... Well good luck to all.

ChemE @ ncsu
PS. I really need to go for a long walk sooooon.
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