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Re: [at-l] Mr. Bruce's Trail Guide

In a message dated 97-02-06 22:40:28 EST, Gas@aol.com writes:

<< Perhaps I expect too much for my $13.50, but such errors are
representative, show a disregard  for detail, and tend to accumulate.   >>

I would point out that life is flawed. I know from my hike that there were
errors in his book. I also know that I have found errors in the Bible, the
newspaper, bird books, cars, fruit, back packs, boots, topo maps, and every
single book I have ever read. There are so many mistakes on the ATC's topo
maps that at one point I stopped using them. 

There is a grand view if you only look up. The book is not perfect, it is, in
my experience and judgement, far and away the best that there is available. 
That is the way life works, nothing is perfect, we use the best that we can
find and muddle through. 

For my part I am grateful that it is there to use. 

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