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Re: [at-l] Mr. Bruce's Trail Guide

At 05:42 PM 2/6/97 -0500, you wrote:


>Mr. Bruce shows a map of the same area at the Northern base of Mt.
Greylock, but the
>adjacent town is identified as "North Adams, MA," and the overall box is
idendified as
>"Williamstown, MA." Mr. Bruce doesn't even mention a town called "Greylock."

Does he have to mention every town?  Does it really effect your hike?  I
found it rather simple to get to Rt.2, turn left, stick up my thumb, hitch
to a motel and through all of this, I never even had a coronary while
studying Mr. Bruce's book.
>"Right - 2.5 miles." In the narrative on Williamsburg, he says Williamsburg
is "1.5 
>miles from the trail," but his own map shows it is 1.5 miles to the
shopping center
>and about twice that to Williamsburg?

His narrative in my '95 book says it is 1.5 miles to services on "the edge
of town".
Of course I wasn't wearing a pedometer.

>In his response to me, Mr. Bruce was adamant that the AT goes through
>even though he states that Williamstown is "1.5 miles from the trail," and 
>his own map shows that it is about 3 miles from the trail.  You may also
note in his
>responses elsewhere a tendency to "Clintonize" his role and  "attack the
>I'm sure he laughs all the way to the bank.  

Golly gee, Big E - lighten up! You've been walking thru too many stinging
nettles.  Something tells me you are one of those Type A folks who adhere to
schedules - good guess?

For all the services Dan provides thruhikers at very little profit too
himself, it must be pretty damn frustrating to put up with so much
nitpicking.  Now I will retire to put out all these flames.


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