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[at-l] "Orient Express" - Date Changed

To all:

The date for Bill Irwin's, "The Orient Express", speaking engagement here at
University of Florida has been changed.  I just now learned.

It is scheduled for:   Tuesday, February 25 - same time, 7:30 p.m. - same
location, J. Wayne Reitz Union, auditorium on the 2nd floor.  Reason being
there were two more good speakers on campus which would be a real conflict.

Wayne Brown, I do hope this has not messed up your plans for coming.  Let me
know if you can still come.

"Curious George GA>ME '97, Perhaps this schedule will fit in with yours.

"Mod on the Move", Is this date better for you?

"Earthworm", I hope this has not messed up things for you.  Please still
come.  The same invitation is there.

"Mod on the Move" and "Earthworm", How about you all getting someone in the
Tallahassee area to sponsor him.  He has to be back in Maine on Wed. 2/26
but could fly down on Sunday 2/23.  Maybe you can get someone to sponsor him
for Sun. 23rd or Mon. 2/24.  Like there at FSU or a church or a civic
organization, or a high school.

I hope this date change does not keep any of you from still coming.

"JanNan Express"

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